Heure Bleue Palais - Lounge - wellness holiday in Essaouira


The natural treatments at Heure Bleue Palais can be personalised to our guests’ requirements, however our Oriental treatments and wellness arrangements have been created for the uninitiated and the undecided.

  • Beautiful hands with prickly pear oil

    Oriental treatment for hands with rose petal infusion, exfoliation and a mask of argan and prickly pear seed oils. 1 hour

    470 MAD / 43€

  • Beautiful feet with Argan oil

    Oriental treatment for fette with rose petal infusion, exfoliation with desert sans and a nourishing Argan oil based foot cream. 1 hour

    530 MAD / 48€

  • Waxing

    Half leg 12€ / 132 MAD

    Full leg 22€ / 242 MAD

    Bikini line 8€ / 88 MAD

    Brazilian bikini 12€ / 132 MAD

    Oriental bikini 18€ / 198 MAD

    Under arm 8€ / 88 MAD

    Arms 12€ / 132 MAD

    Back 18€ / 198 MAD

    Lips/eyes brows/chin 5€ / 55 MAD

    Cheeks 6€ / 66 MAD

    Please note that our massages are not therapeutic, medical or paramedical. They are solely designed for your wellbeing and relaxation.

  • Hammam

    Inspired by the bathing ritual of ancient Greece, the hammam is an integral part of oriental life. orientals attend a Hammam ritual every week to purify themselves according to cultural traditions add religions rites, in addition the Hammam is a habitual social meeting place. The sensation of purity and wellbeing following the bathing ritual is considered so special that it is also referred to as 'the silent doctor.’

    To relax in the privacy and warmth of the hammam 20 minutes – 45 € / 495 MAD

  • Hammam Ritual

    The Sultan Ritual

    This complete Hammam session allows you to enter of Moroccan bathing traditions.

    Hammam exfoliation with black soap and Eucalyptus,followed by a purifying wrap with rhassoul and completed with traditionnal argan oil massage. 1 heure 30 – 78 € / 850 MAD

  • Traditional Exfoliation

    Experience our traditional Moroccan exfoliation

    Hamma exfoliation with black soap and Eucalyptus

    40 minutes – 36 € / 390 MAD

  • Our Packages


    Traditionnal Exfoliation followed by massage

    1 hour 30 – 99 € / 1080 MAD


    Hammam ritual, facial & hand care

    2 hours 45min – 164 € / 1 800 MAD


    Day 1 : Hammam ritual and facial

    Day 2 : 60min, hand & foot care

    282 € / 3 100 MAD


    A voyage through the perfumed world of oriental tradition, these sumptuous massages offer wonderful stress relief and complete relaxation

    1 hour – 72€ / 790 MAD

    30 minutes – 45 € / 490 MAD

    Soothing massage with amber and musk - For moment of calm and serenity, amber is know to be a path to complete wellbeing Revitalising massage with verbena - Revitalising and refreshing, verbena stimulatesbody and senses

    Relaxing massage with orange flower water -

    Experience a deep calm with the gentle fragrance of orange flowers.

    Gentle candled massage and aromatic essences - Tender and enveloping movements made with hot candle oil

  • Face Care

    All our facial products contain Argan oil as a base, with he addition of oils from prickly pear seeds and aloevera. Dermatological tested, none of our products contain colorants, para-amino benzoic acid or mineral oils.

    FACIAL TREATMENT 1 hour - € 61/670 MAD 30 minutes € 45 / 490 MAD

    All treatments at Heure Bleue Palais are based on a range of 100% natural products developed in collaboration with Les Sens de Marrakesh, a famous producer of cosmetics and treatment products, made in Morocco and derived from organic ingredients such as the essential oils or indeed the Argan oil.

    All products used are available at our boutique or our treatment rooms at Heure Bleue Palais in Essaouira.